The Intention

Having recently finished my Master’s degree, I intend this blog as something of the record of my PhD, whether or not I ever formally receive one, or apply. It serves as a record and storage space for my words and that from which the words arise, and as my digital home.

It is dedicated to the midwifing of a society where the “free development and flourishing of each unique human being is understood to be the condition, as it is also the consequence, of the free development and flourishing of all” (Bhaskar, 2012, p 8).

As of the moment, I plan on using this in several different related ways.

Commentary: As a way of working through and documenting sources that I read, to help generate ideas and discussion, and to keep the significant stones and pebbles of my mind within range of my worrying thumb, while often applying these to the happenings in our world’s moment.

Being as the World Together: As a continuing exploration of the world which emerges from the infinite interfaces of our creative and beautiful selves, and especially to the conscious and awakened practices of relating called We Space.

Poetry: As a record of the heat that arises from the friction of my soul.

Praxis: As a record of my own practice and practices in earning my PhD.

In time, I may split these out into other blogs, but for the moment, this will do.

AV. June 28th, 2013

Bhaskar, R. (2012). Reflections on Meta-Reality: Transcendence, Emancipation, and Everyday Life. New York: Routledge.