Creative Discovery

Today’s Quote of the Day got me thinking about a term I’ve been using: Creative Discovery.

“Andrew,” one of my classmates said when I used this on a call, “is it creativity, or is it discovery?”

What we mean by creative and what we mean by discovery are usually opposed–mutually exclusive. What I mean to point to with creative discovery is a mode of being where these are seen as mutually embedded.

We engage in every moment as a creative act and discover our next moment, engaged creatively. Rather than assume that our being in the world uncovers what is already existing, like digging for dinosaur bones, or that we are simply free-form authors, willy-nilly writing our whims out on the world, creative discovery points to genuine creativity, genuine discovery, where we are delighted and astonished by the words that come out of our mouths, by our actions and reactions, and those around us, where we find that we can still genuinely be surprised by what we see when we look with intention.